Digital Marketing Trends 2019

By the way, the needs and demands of the market change consistently. In this Digital Era, Technology is getting updated day by day. Though the marketers and businesses are supposed to keep pace with the new trends of marketing in order to stay updated. As Digital Marketing is ruling the Marketing Platform, there are some future trends which are going to be in action soon. There are certain trends in Digital Marketing which ruled 2018, and in the same way, there are some for this 2019 too. 1. Voice Search. By the end of 2019, most of the search queries will be in voice. Nowadays people are seeking more easy ways to reach their targets. Like, without typing they should get an answer in just a voice search. Voice Search plays a very important role in giving relevant details to the searchers. Many Companies and brands have chosen voice search in their Digital Marketing strategies to deliver value-based content to the customers. There are a number of voice assistants like Alexa, Google, Siri etc and Artificial Intelligence is working more effectively to reduce the errors made by these voice assistants. 2. Artificial Intelligence. It's more than software which thinks intelligently as the intelligent human thinks. AI analyzes the search pattern and customer needs by utilizing the data from Social Media sites, blog posts to help businesses to understand the needs and ideas of Customers. In this way, companies can target potential customers and send relevant ads to them. 3. Video Marketing An attractive video can gain more attention than a lame advertisement. Nowadays the majority of businesses are using Live video streams for product promotion, events, interviews etc and it gains extreme popularity. There are lots of platforms to stream the videos to get more engagements other than Youtube. In-stream ads, Discovery ads have a great role in this. 4. Visual Search. Now we can search for any data by uploading an image to get more specific results. Pinterest is using Lens for this task where people can place a pic of an item and search for the availability of the same in any E-commerce site or can search for similar items. Google uses Google Lens as a visual search engine which uses a camera app to recognize the objects, landmarks visually. CamFind is another visual search mobile app which is very user-friendly. It helps to search for any item by just snapping a picture and it will tell what it is. 5. Micro Moments. People spend most of their time on Smartphone in search of some data or just chatting and browsing. It creates a need to learn something new, discover something, do something or buy something as well. All these totally depend on consumer behavior and needs. The moments where people are in need of something on the Internet are called Micro moments and the business and companies have to cherish and utilize it effectively. They are the intent-rich moments where decisions are made.