Pay Per Click is a widely accepted online marketing technique to drive more traffic to the website and it is shortly called as PPC. It is also known as Cost Per Click (CPC) which is a sum of an amount paid by an advertiser to the publisher when an ad is clicked. If you want to reach for those people who are actively searching for your business then Pay Per Click will be a great option. The budget of the PPC campaign will be decided according to the preference you make on the audience, competition and the products or services you promote to create awareness. Pay Per Click can be applied for the paid ads option on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn kind of Social media networks. But it will be better to well focus on Google Ads for PPC campaigns where it will help to place the ads on the top of the Search Engine Result Page which will help to the attention of searchers. You can target the ads to ensure whether it reaches to right audience of your preference. It will be better to create a daily budget which you won't exceed the decided budget. There is an automatic bidding tool which automatically sets the budget for your ads which gets the maximum number of clicks for lower cost.